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Collecting skins in Skin Hunters is more than just a cool hobby; it's a way to stamp your personal mark in the gaming world. By gathering unique skins, you can show off your achievements and style to friends and the player community, building an image and reputation in CS2.

Each skin you collect not only adds flair to your gaming inventory but can also become a source of potential income. The game features an internal currency called Hunters Token (HNT), which is an ERC20 token freely tradable on DEX exchanges. You can earn HNT by participating in in-game activities, then use it to trade for other cryptocurrencies, expanding your horizons both in and out of the game.

In addition to personal gain, your participation in Skin Hunters contributes to the development of the game ecosystem and supports the market value of skins. Thus, each new participant strengthens the gaming community and contributes to its growth and prosperity.

To start playing Skin Hunters, you need a Steam account to manage your skins and the MetaMask browser extension for interacting with cryptocurrencies on the Polygon blockchain. Once you register and connect your MetaMask wallet, you will be able to open your first five skin models for free and start building your collection.

HNT (Hunters Tokens) are the primary in-game currency of Skin Hunters, based on the ERC20 standard which facilitates their transfer between wallets and trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. Keys are unique assets built on the NFT standard ERC1155 and can be transferred and traded amongst players on various NFT marketplaces. Information about the smart contracts for HNT and Keys can always be found in the footer of our website.

Yes, you can start playing Skin Hunters for free by unlocking your first five skin models without cost. As you continue to play, you can progressively unlock additional skins in a balanced manner. However, be aware that there are transaction fees on the Polygon network to consider, as well as any costs associated with purchasing skins on Steam.

We prioritize the security of our players' assets and have designed a system from the early stages to minimize the risk of asset loss. Here’s how we ensure safety:

- Blockchain: Your interactions with tokens and NFTs are conducted through verified smart contracts. Always check the contract addresses on our website footer and pay close attention to the transaction details to ensure you know where and to whom you're sending your resources.

- MetaMask: Your private wallet key is securely stored within MetaMask and is accessible only to you. We don't have access to your keys, and all transactions are initiated and confirmed exclusively by you.

- Steam: Our platform does not interact directly with your Steam skins. We conduct no transfers, eliminating the risk of account bans. Any requests for skin transfers should be viewed as suspicious and potentially fraudulent.

However, if you find a bug in the game, please let us know by email [email protected]

The uniqueness of skins in Counter-Strike 2 is determined by their float value, which is the most reliable and constant indicator of uniqueness. We are aware of other identifiers, but these may change due to various operations. It's important to note that the float value is assigned only to weapon skins, hence stickers, cases, and other similar items do not have a unique parameter and, therefore, cannot be collected in our game.

If there are several skins with the same float value, only one of them can be added.

To check whether your skin has already been added by someone else, you need to obtain an Inspect Link. This link can be found in the item's description in your Steam inventory or on the marketplace listing. Insert the obtained link on the [skin check page] in our game. Our system will conduct a check and inform you whether you can add the selected skin to your collection.

At present, to interact with the blockchain components of the game, the MetaMask browser extension is required, which is not yet supported on mobile devices. All other aspects of the game are accessible on mobile devices without any restrictions. We are actively working to make gameplay available on mobile devices in the near future.

Yes. Collections will be added as they become available in CS2.